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for affordable, DIY relief from pests such as bed bugs.


The first time our family experienced bedbugs in our home, we burned our couch in an effort to get rid of the nasty pests!  As owners of a property management company and people who have dealt with bedbugs personally, we understand the difficulties and desperation that dealing with bed bugs can bring. 


As a property manager, I remember the first time I received a call from a tenant reporting an insect infestation of some kind in their unit.  Within moments, she texted me an image of the culprit she had found in a mattress fold. It was unmistakably a bed bug. I had never dealt with a bed bug problem in my rental property before so I immediately researched how to control the problem.

I quickly learned the chemicals that exterminators use to kill bed bugs are mostly ineffective.

  • Are bed bugs immune to pesticides? Yes, bed bugs are resistant to pesticides, including DDT and organophosphates.  
  • Would other chemicals kill bed bugs?  There may be a few that work in part, but the most effective treatment by far for killing all stages of bed bugs’ life cycle  is extreme heat.  

I found bed bug remediation in many locations around the USA and the world, but I needed a pest control company in the Greenville, South Carolina, area where my properties are located.  At that time I was finding it difficult to find any kind of bed bug exterminator in my area. I specifically wanted to find a source of bed bug heat equipment. I didn’t want to spend money, time and trouble on chemical solutions that would not get the job fully done, and could prove harmful to my tenants, their children and pets.  

When I finally found a professional exterminator that could provide a bed bug heat treatment, I was floored to learn the cost would be close to $2200 for a typical home.  We next checked into finding bed bug heaters for rent, but had no luck. Those that I could find were obviously geared for small studio apartments. I needed whole house bed bug remediation, not just a room heater. 

I could find no bed bug heat treatment equipment rental providers near me. The next logical step was to look for bed bug heaters to buy.  While I did find some for sale, I would need bed bug heat treatment training as well if I were to use them in more than my own home.  The expense and trouble seemed to put this solution out of reach as well. 

The final straw came the fourth time I faced bed bugs.  My employee, cautiously and embarrassed, let me know her own home had a bed bug infestation.  She had been given a quote by a pest control specialist of $1000 per room to treat for the pests, with no guarantee the problem would be gone.  “How did I get bed bugs?”, she wondered.  Very likely, a family member brought them home from a hotel stay, public location, or while visiting friends.  Regardless, by the time she came to me, the homes of her entire extended family were infested with bed bugs –  six homes in all. This was an epidemic! 

I felt the time had come to take some initiative. I checked out the regulations and requirements, and decided to become the solution I had been looking for all along. By providing bed bug heat treatment equipment to rent, I would solve the needs of my own property management tenants as well as those of my employee’s family, and likely many others in my area as well That is how HeaterRentalPro was born. 

To be clear: We are not exterminators. We are a source of high quality, industrial strength heater equipment designed to thoroughly kill bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle. In addition, we provide our customers with complete, current information to equip them in handling their infestation problems on their own and at a reasonable cost.  That American DIY and entrepreneurial spirit wins again!

Gina Fielders, Owner


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“Heater Rental Pro is the premier DIY bedbug treatment provider in South Carolina’s Upstate.”

For much less than you’d pay a professional exterminator, our friendly staff will provide effective DIY treatment options for bedbugs and other pests.

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“In more than 12 years as a property management company, we’ve had to deal with our share of 6-legged pests, so we know how you feel. Being invaded by bed bugs, fleas and other tiny vermin is a problem no one anticipates – or likes! At last there is a solution you can do yourself that WORKS.”