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Our Heaters can Kill Bed Bugs, Mold, Dust Mites, Mildew, Viruses, Bacteria and more.
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High Temperature kills Bed Bugs at All Stages: Bed bugs are very resilient pests that can survive for months without feeding. However, they cannot survive in extreme heat. Exposure to high temperatures of around 120°F (49°C) or more can kill bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle, including eggs, nymphs, and adults.
Chemical-Free: Using extreme heat to kill bed bugs is a chemical-free and environmentally friendly method. It does not involve the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, making it a safer option for people and pets.
You should use heat to kill bedbugs because it is a chemical-free and environmentally friendly method that penetrates hard-to-reach areas, kills bed bugs at all stages, and prevents re-infestation, making it a fast and effective solution.
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