“Mom—What are these spots?”

No parent wants to hear a question like that from their kid first thing in the morning. Could it be measles? Acne? Or worst of all (horrors!) an infestation of bed bugs? That last one calls for swift action—but what to do?

Grab a magnifying glass and try to find and kill the pests? You might get one or two, but that’s literally the tip of the iceberg when bed bug eggs and juveniles are practically invisible.

Pull out a can of bug spray? But where do you spray when bed bugs might be hiding inside the mattress, clothes closet, drawers… any and everywhere?

A fly swatter? Come on! Bed bugs don’t even fly!

Ok. Maybe call an exterminator. Better add a big chunk to the budget then, and not just for this month. Whatever toxic chemicals they spread around may not do the job for more than a week or two, if at all. Might as well reserve a parking space for their van in your front yard (for all the neighbors to see!). They’ll need to be back—and often.

Is there a secret to really flattening a bed bug infestation? Fortunately, YES. But the solution will probably surprise you: Extreme heat.  As proven conclusively by both science and the experience of thousands of satisfied homeowners, the proper use of industrial-strength equipment to safely circulate extreme heat in an apartment, condominium or complete house will conclusively kill off all life cycle stages of a bed bug infestation.

What to do first if your child or teen asks such an alarming question? Call HeaterRentalPro and arrange to RENT the equipment you need today to end this problem in a short period of time, with assured results, and at a very affordable cost.   


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