Nosy Neighbors

“Now what do you suppose the Johnsons are having trouble with?” Peering around the curtain, she watched the exterminator’s coming and going from her neighbor’s house with a mix of smugness and horrified curiosity. 

No one likes to have their private lives the subject of this kind of neighborhood curiosity, but when an infestation of bed bugs or other household pests strikes, pride has to go out the window for the sake of finding anything that promises to end the scourge. 

Wouldn’t it be great to find a solution that really does get the job done yet doesn’t require a truck with an embarrassing marquee on it parked in your driveway?  Take heart – the answer to household bed bugs, fleas, and even mold is affordable, local, and reliable. What more could you hope for?

Contact the professional pest control advisors at HeaterRentalPro today by calling 864-EZ2-HEAT for a confidential, dependable solution to your household problems. We won’t mention it to your neighbors, but when you find out how little it took to flatten the problem, you’ll probably want to brag about it to them yourself! 

We know hiring a professional bed bug exterminator can be expensive. Chemical pesticides you buy from the store are ineffective and unhealthy for your family and the environment.

So where do you go from there? Rent the same equipment the pros use and do it yourself!

Heat treating is proven to be the most effective way to kill bed bugs and other pests  – even mold and mildew.

Renting our heaters is the cheapest way to get it done!


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