April 2, 2023

Unpaying Tenants

“I know we just started our lease, but we’re moving out immediately. We found bedbugs in our unit!”

Any property manager knows that kind of message from a tenant is a red flag on many levels. “Did this tenant bring them with them or were they there from the last people? Are they going to sue? Have they already spread to other units?”

The bigger issue, however, is how to stop the infestation in its tracks so the unit can be rented again without a repeat of this costly result.

A conscientious property manager will have all their units fumigated periodically, but a plague of bed bugs is a whole lot harder to stop than ants or fleas. Standard chemical treatments can add offensive and toxic odors to a unit, and in the long run just don’t work. It can be a nightmare to get every stage of bed bugs’ life cycle from eggs to juveniles to breeding adults killed off for sure.

Fortunately, there is one sure-fire (pardon the pun) solution to exterminating bed bugs that every property manager should know about: Extreme Heat.  The science is in: Bed bugs (and other life forms including mold and mildew) cannot survive heat above 1350F when professionally applied to a confined environment for the appropriate length of time.

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Call your local Heater Rental Pro professionals to learn more. You can rent the equipment to solve the immediate problem, then schedule future treatments when between tenants or at least once a year. Equipment can either be rented or purchased. This problem won’t bug you again!

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