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One bad review – B&B Owners

Just like any hospitality lodging host, the owners of a B&B can see their business live or die based on the reviews they get from guests.  No one wants to see a review pop up that reads, “Nice home, friendly hosts, but we’ll never go back to that lovely B&B. To our horror, when we got home we discovered our luggage had picked up some hitchhikers there – BED BUGS!”  

This calls for swift damage control – both in saving reputation and flattening the problem itself. The former can be done with a careful and generous response to the review, assuring the disgruntled guest that their feedback is always appreciated and that steps have been taken to not only completely eradicate the temporary problem but to assure it will never happen again.

heater rental pro review

How can a conscientious host make that claim when nearly all known pesticides are not successful in killing off all stages in the life cycle of Cimex lectularius (the common bed bug)? Once they have discovered the powerful tools available through HeaterRentalPro of Greenville SC, they’re almost there. A single, safe application of the extreme heat delivered by HeaterRentalPro’s industrial strength equipment has been proven highly effective in thoroughly killing not only bed bugs but other small, even microscopic offensive life forms (like mold) that share the same space. The equipment is available for either rent or purchase to allow hospitality lodging hosts to do their own periodic treatments throughout the season (s) guests will be in their home.

Then the next post the B&B owner puts up can assure both past and future guests that their vacation lodgings are being protected from the scourge of bed bugs and other unwanted pests.  Such good news can quickly mean the difference between success and failure of a B&B business.   

heater rental pro review


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